What are the benefits of working with Colorado Nanny versus an online resume-posting service?

Colorado Nanny has been referring qualified nannies to Colorado families since 2002. In addition,

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  • We get to know the family and control the placement process. This ensures your safety when interviewing at a private home with people you have never met.
  • Families that choose to work with a full-service nanny agency have proper pay and duty expectations for the position they are seeking to fill.
  • We will keep you from wasting your time by only sending you on interviews that fit your pay, duties and location requirements.
  • We will help you be successful in your job search by providing a set of helpful interviewing tips.
  • We understand that negotiating for a new job can be an uncomfortable process. We will not only provide you professional advice on how to obtain the best position but will also assist you in negotiating fair pay and benefits.
  • Once you are working in your new job, we have placement counselors who will support you with any questions or challenges that you encounter during your employment.
  • We will put you in contact with other nannies caring for similar age children if you would like to schedule play dates.
  • Once you have been placed in a permanent position, you have the opportunity to pick up temporary evening or weekend work for extra hours if you so choose.

What are the benefits of working with Colorado Nanny versus another agency?

Our nannies appreciate the attention given to their individual search and the professional guidance they receive throughout the process. Specifically, the nannies we have surveyed have rated Colorado Nanny superior in the following areas:

  • Wide variety of quality job leads
  • Close working relationship with the owner of the agency
  • Honest, ethical business practices
  • Prompt response to phone calls
  • Families are well informed about taxes, benefits, paid days off, fair working conditions

Where are your jobs located?

Colorado Nanny proudly serves Colorado’s front range. The majority of our families reside in the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley.

How do I apply? What is the placement process?

  • Please review our required qualifications. If you meet or exceed these qualifications, e-mail us your resume or complete our online application.
  • Call or email us after reviewing our job listings to let us know your jobs of interest.
  • If you are determined to be a candidate for one of our positions, we will invite you to interview with one of our placement counselors.
  • We complete two to three relevant work experience references.
  • We send your information to your jobs of interest and the families will then call you directly to schedule an interview.

What can I expect to earn?

The majority of nannies earn $12-$16/hour. The most experienced nannies can earn $16-$22/hour. Salary ranges will vary based on the job requirements and on your individual qualifications.

How long will it take to find a job?

Current job opportunities will be reviewed with you the day you register with Colorado Nanny. The average job search takes from 2-6 weeks depending upon your requirements, qualifications and availability.

Will I pay a fee to find a job through Colorado Nanny?

No. There are no fees, nor are you obligated to accept a job through our agency. Our goal is to find you the job that suits you best!

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