Stop Searching and Start Finding — How To Hire The Perfect Nanny

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Hiring a nanny doesn’t have to be torture...
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Registration fee

Our $200.00 registration fee retains our services and allows us to begin a custom search for your family. The registration fee is valid for one year and includes a one-year membership to our temporary childcare service.

Placement fee

Colorado Nanny is proud to offer a flat-fee pricing structure. Unlike most agencies that charge a percentage of the nanny’s first year salary, Colorado Nanny believes that families should not be charged more for a more experienced nanny.

Long-Term Placement 35+ hours per week $3,200
Long-Term Placement less than 35 hours per week $2,500

One-year guarantee

Pay For NannyYou will receive a free replacement search during the first 90 days. After the free replacement period, you will receive a pro-rated credit to apply toward your next search with Colorado Nanny. The pro-rated credit will be based on the duration of your nanny's employment (see the Colorado Nanny Agreement for exact details).

Temporary service fees

Our temporary service enables you to hire a nanny for any number of days/weeks/months with a four- hour per day minimum. This service is ideal for date nights, vacations, emergency sick care, newborn overnight care and any other type of interim care requirement.

Annual membership: $150.00
Daily agency fee: $18.00
Daily agency fee with less than 24 hour notice: $25.00
Daily agency fee for holidays: $25.00
Daily agency with no annual membership: $28.00

Package of 10 daily fees: $153.00 (15% daily discount)
Package of 20 daily fees: $288.00 (20% daily discount)
Package of 30 daily fees: $405.00 (25% daily discount)

To Start a Search:

We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your family’s needs and preferences. Please complete our registration forms. We will contact you immediately to schedule a consultation.

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